The Russian military operation in Ukraine continues today, Wednesday, as Russian army units try to take full control over the Ukrainian regions and strike at the positions of the Kyiv troops, while the latter are trying to reclaim some of the land with military and logistical support from outside West. countries.

In recent field events, Al-Arabiya and Al-Hadas correspondents have reported an increase in the frequency of heavy shelling between the Russian and Ukrainian sides, and Kyiv has issued an air raid alert in Cherkasy, Dnipro, Petrovsk, Poltava, Kharkiv and Zaporozhye. provinces. It is also reported that as a result of Ukrainian shelling of Donetsk over the past day, one person was killed and three were injured.

This came after Apti Alaudinov, commander of the Chechen “Akhmed Forces”, said that Russian forces were gradually advancing and taking control of the front line in the Luhansk and Donetsk People’s Republics.

Russian media quoted him as saying that the Russian Defense Ministry, in cooperation with the military company “Wagner” and “Akhmed forces” controls the points of contact, adding that Russian forces are advancing in the direction of Bakhmut. , Solidar, Kremnaya, Svatovo, Chervonobovka, Significantly. He pointed out the need to destroy the fortifications of the Kyiv troops in these areas so that the Russian troops could move forward unhindered.

At the same time, Moscow announced that 89 of its soldiers were killed on New Year’s Eve in a Ukrainian missile attack on their headquarters in Makovka in eastern Ukraine. mobile phones contrary to the instructions.

A previous official report released by the Russian Ministry of Defense on Monday stated that 63 Russian servicemen were killed in this rocket attack.

At dawn on Wednesday, the ministry released video footage in which its spokesman, Lieutenant General Sergei Severyukov, stated that “the number of our dead comrades has risen to 89” after more bodies were discovered under the rubble.

He added: “At present, there is a commission of inquiry to clarify the circumstances of what happened, but from this moment it is clear that the main reason … is that the military used and used their mobile phones on a large scale in the area covered. enemy weapons, in violation of the ban.

In a rare confession, the Russian Defense Ministry on Monday acknowledged that its service members were killed in a Ukrainian missile attack on them on New Year’s Eve in the city of Makovka, which is controlled by Russian forces in eastern Ukraine.

For its part, Kyiv confirms that the death toll is much higher than Moscow has so far acknowledged.

Kyiv delivered this blow with Himars rocket launchers recently received from the United States.

On Tuesday, rallies were organized in Russia in honor of these fallen soldiers.

This heavy loss shocked Russian society and drew criticism of the army.

In response, the Russian Defense Ministry indicated that it responded with air strikes on a logistics hub near the Druzhkovka railway station in Donetsk, killing up to 200 Ukrainian servicemen, destroying four HIMARS launchers and more than 800 missiles.

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