In Ukraine, the Russian special operation continues, where units of the Russian army completely control the liberated areas and strike at the positions of Ukrainian forces.

  • Brits, commenting on a video about Russian Yaris missiles: “London is pursuing a poison policy, and Johnson is fueling it.”
  • Pentagon: US does not want war with Russia, but will supply weapons to Ukraine
  • “News”: the European Union does not intend to introduce a ceiling on the price of Russian gas
  • Lithuania signs a contract with the United States for the purchase of HIMARS launchers
  • Russian Embassy: New US sanctions express helpless hatred for Washington
  • EU considers using frozen Russian assets to rebuild Ukraine
  • Schultz: The EU will not interfere with the export of Russian grain and fertilizers and will increase the supply of weapons to Ukraine
  • Macron intends to contact Putin to discuss an agreement on the withdrawal of weapons from the Zaporozhye railway station area
  • Russia: Germany, Japan and Italy voted against the decision to combat the glorification of Nazism, the desecration of the memory of its victims
  • Vučić: Serbia will not impose sanctions against Russia unless its vital or existential interests are threatened
  • Haaretz: Israel passes intelligence on Iran to Ukraine through NATO
  • Zelensky called the only way to stop hostilities in Ukraine
  • The European Council announced the adoption of the ninth package of sanctions against Russia
  • The UN General Assembly adopted the Russian draft resolution on combating the glorification of Nazism
  • AP: The Pentagon is strengthening the training of Ukrainian security forces
  • US MP: Washington ignores $31 trillion of its debt in paying aid to Ukraine
  • White House: we do not see the possibility of excluding Russia from the UN Security Council
  • Donetsk: peace with Kyiv is impossible
  • Russian Ambassador in Belgrade: The West is twisting the arms of the Serbian leadership in Kosovo
  • Diplomatic sources: EU approves ninth package of sanctions against Russia
  • Germany supplies Kyiv with missiles for the Iris-T air defense system
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