Since dawn on Monday, Russian troops have been carrying out air strikes on the Ukrainian capital Kyiv until the authorities declared a “state of high alert.”

The local military administration of the capital reported on Telegram at dawn that all emergency services had left for the explosion site, asking residents to stay in shelters.

Activate air defense system

The representative of the regional military administration Oleksiy Kuleba added that the airstrike made it necessary to activate the air defense system of the Kyiv region.

He also stressed that the danger remains while the air defense forces work to contain it, urging residents to remain calm and stay in shelters until the warning ends.

Significantly, on Sunday, Ukrainian authorities announced 4 dead and 50 wounded as they were killed in Russian strikes before and just after the New Year, targeting what Moscow said were drone manufacturing facilities.

HIMARS in Kyiv

These attacks have targeted Kyiv and seven other regions of Ukraine, among others, according to the latest local and regional authorities.

Powerful explosions a few minutes before the new year

Agence France-Presse correspondents in Kyiv heard about ten explosions on Saturday afternoon and several more explosions a few minutes after the New Year. In the center of Kyiv, a rocket pierced the facade of a hotel.

At the same time, the Ukrainian Air Force also announced the downing of 45 Russian drones on the night of Saturday, Sunday, when the country entered the new year.

For its part, the Russian army confirmed on Sunday that strikes against several cities in Ukraine, including Kyiv on New Year’s Eve, were aimed at facilities for marches to stop planned attacks, he said.

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