A Turkish drone neutralized a prominent SDF commander in the Aleppo countryside in northern Syria with a missile hitting his car on Friday night in a series of Turkish airstrikes against the SDF in Syria.

Local sources in the countryside of Aleppo told Sputnik: “The Turkish march targeted a car carrying a Kurdish leader of Turkish ethnicity or a so-called (cadre, i.e. one of the cadres of the PKK), who is the leader of the so-called Manbij Military Council” forces “Kasd”, loyal to the US army, in the Al-Arima area, west of the city of Manbij in eastern Aleppo, which led to his immediate death.

As a result, according to sources, the SDS forces, after airstrikes, attacked the cordon of security forces and the military and destroyed the car in which the Turkish-Kurdish leader was.

In this regard, local sources in the countryside of Raqqa told a Sputnik correspondent in eastern Syria that a Turkish army aircraft attacked the positions of the SDF forces on Friday evening, June 2, in the village of Aslim in the city of Ain Issa, near from the M4 road. North of Raqqa, not knowing the number of victims in the ranks of the SDF.

Sources indicated that a group of workers were working on agricultural land in the village of “Aslim” during an airstrike by a “bomber plane” in which a man and his wife were injured to varying degrees. .

Source: Sputnik

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