France has opened an investigation into alleged rape and deliberate violence against the Lebanese ambassador in Paris after two complaints were filed by two former embassy employees, sources close to the investigation confirming the information to the Mediapar website said Friday.

The first complainant is 31 years old and filed a complaint in June 2022 alleging, according to the text of the police report, that she was raped in May 2020 in a private apartment owned by Ambassador Rami Adwan, Lebanese Ambassador to Paris since 2017.

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In the complaint, which was reviewed by Agence France-Presse, the complainant confirms that she refused sexual relations and resorted to screaming and crying.

And a woman who was an editor reported to police in 2020 that Adwan had beaten her during a fight in his office without filing a complaint under the pretense of “not ruining this man’s life” as long as he is married and head of the family.

She said she had a “love affair” with the ambassador, who used “mental and physical abuse” on her and abused her on a daily basis.

The second applicant is 28 years old and developed an intimate relationship with the ambassador shortly after she began working at the embassy as an intern in 2018. She filed the complaint in February last year because she said she had been subjected to a series of physical assaults that often resulted from her refusal to have sexual relations.

The complainant claims that Rami Adwan tried to run her over with his car after an argument on the sidelines of a peace forum in Caen, western France, in September.

She also accuses the ambassador of trying to suffocate her in her home by stuffing her face into her bed in late December.

In a comment to Agence France-Presse, the ambassador’s legal representative, Karim Belloni, said his client “denies all allegations of assault of any kind, whether verbal, moral or sexual.”

He added that his client “had a romantic relationship with these two women between 2018 and 2022, punctuated by arguments and separations.”

Asked about the file and what he was going to do, especially given that Adwan enjoys diplomatic immunity, prosecutors in Paris said they “cannot answer at this time.”

For its part, the French Foreign Ministry said: “We have no elements in relation to this case, which is under the jurisdiction of the judiciary and is the subject of a confidential investigation.”

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