Banque Misr recently issued a statement explaining the benefits of the Talaat Harb Savings Certificate with an annual return of 25% in the country, after the significant appreciation of the dollar in Egypt after the announcement of this certificate.

The statement reads: “Banque Misr decided today to reissue a new savings vessel, the Talaat Harb certificate, which is a one-year savings certificate with a fixed rate of return over the entire month of holding the certificate. with a yield of 22.5% per annum, and certificate categories start at 1,000 pounds sterling and multiples of it and are issued to individuals or minors, whether Egyptians or foreigners, and the period is calculated from the business day following the purchase.

He added: “Borrowing is possible with the guarantee of the certificate, in addition to the possibility of issuing credit cards with its guarantee, and the certificate can be obtained after 6 months, starting from the business day following the date of purchase of the certificate in accordance with the restoration rules and regulatory conditions.” .

The dollar rose significantly in Egypt, breaking the £26 barrier for the first time in history immediately after the announcement of the savings certificate.

Source: RT

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