Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan confirmed that the number of his country’s friends will increase, and Turkey’s enemies will eventually stand at its borders.

Erdogan added in a speech delivered on Tuesday at an event by the Federation of Business Unions of Turkey in the capital Ankara that Turkey “is capable of achieving victories that no one expects when we see a threat to our survival.” “

He emphasized that his country can now make its own decisions in its political, economic, diplomatic and military strategies, stressing that Turkey’s fate is no longer in the hands of others, but rather in the hands of its people who determine it.

He said that Turkey has reached the stage when it makes decisions and sets its own goals.

Erdogan said that since coming to power in 2002, successive governments of his Justice and Development Party have prioritized the interests of Turkey and its people and sought to develop policies that take into account all groups.

In his speech, he stressed that the struggle they waged against the putschists and terrorist organizations was not in vain.

Source: Anatolia

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