Samsung Display has announced its first OLED screen for smartphones with a whopping 2,000 nits of brightness.

The Korean company said in a statement that it has received a trademark for this level of brightness called Ultra Dynamic Range or (UDR) from the global safety sciences company (UL Solutions).

She also added that she has received the marks (UDR 1500) and (UDR 2000) for (OLED) smartphone screens, and given that the trademark (UDR) refers to the level of screen brightness, Samsung screens that receive this mark prove their ability to provide brightness. . According to the Arab Gate for Technical News website, its value is 1500 lumens or 2000 lumens.

New screen sizes

With the increase in ultra-high-definition (UHD) content, the range and ability to maintain screen brightness has become one of the key indicators of display performance.

Samsung’s high brightness screens show a more realistic quality with richer colors for a more enjoyable user experience.

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