GTA 6 Announcement: Clue Discovered in GTA 5 Anniversary Message

The gaming community has uncovered a potential clue regarding the announcement date for GTA 6 in a recent social media post by Rockstar Games. This post was dedicated to celebrating the tenth anniversary of Grand Theft Auto 5.

Is the GTA 6 Announcement Coming Soon?

Rockstar Games shared an image showcasing various items available in the GTA Online black market to commemorate the online component’s tenth anniversary. The image features two GTA Online characters standing in front of a massive sign in the Vinewood area. What caught fans’ attention was the inscription on the sign, which reveals the letters “V” and “I.” These letters can be connected to form the Roman numeral “VI,” hinting at GTA 6.

The Waning Moon: A Clue?

Furthermore, fans believe that the presence of a waning moon high in the sky is another clue hinting at the GTA 6 announcement. Twitter user Dirty_Worka remarked that this specific moon phase will be visible in real life from October 2 to 5 and then from November 1 to 3. This aligns with the timeframe when fans anticipate Rockstar Games to make the official announcement.

Take It with Caution!

It’s important to approach this theory with caution since it is a speculative idea from the gaming community and has not been officially confirmed by Rockstar Games. However, according to insiders, an official GTA 6 announcement is expected soon. Will this be the right time for Rockstar Games to unveil the highly anticipated sixth chapter of Grand Theft Auto?

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