Importance of Additional Vaccinations for Children

Russian pediatrician Maryam Sevolina emphasizes the importance of vaccinating children with additional vaccines in addition to those specified in the national calendar.

Vaccination Against Meningitis

Dr. Sevolina highlights the need for vaccination against meningitis using the Menactra vaccine. Meningitis is an airborne droplet infection that can cause severe complications and even disability.

Protection from Tick-Borne Encephalitis

It is crucial to protect children from tick-borne encephalitis by administering the Tik-E-Vac vaccine. This is relevant not only for residents of Siberia or the Urals but also for those living in the European part of Russia.

Prevention of Rotavirus Infection

Another serious infection to be aware of is rotavirus, which poses a greater risk to younger children. Vaccination with RotaTek vaccine is recommended.

Protection against Human Papillomavirus

Dr. Sevolina recommends vaccinating both girls and boys in adolescence against the human papillomavirus using the Gardasil vaccine.

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