Russia is facing domestic criticism after the killing of 63 of its soldiers in Ukraine in a Ukrainian strike, the highest death toll in a single attack that Moscow has acknowledged since the start of the Russian military operation last February. It is noteworthy that the death toll is higher, as indicated by several non-Russian sources, but the Russian Ministry of Defense put them at only 63 military personnel.

And the Ukrainian General Staff on Monday evening confirmed that on New Year’s Eve it struck a “temporary deployment point” of the Russian army in the city of Makovka, east of Donetsk, which is controlled by Russian troops. .

Since the start of the military intervention in Ukraine in February 2022, the Russian army, which rarely talks about the number of dead and wounded in its ranks, has never reported such heavy losses in any attack.

In a rare statement that drew criticism from Russian war correspondents, the Defense Department in Moscow said the soldiers were killed by “four missiles” fired by HIMARS systems, weapons provided by the United States to Ukrainian forces. It is noteworthy that “HIMARS” are light armored rocket launchers that fire guided and accurate missiles.

Russian military bloggers, many of whom have hundreds of thousands of users, said the massive destruction was the result of munitions being stored in the same building as the military barracks, even though commanders knew they were within range of Ukrainian missiles.

The HIMARS missile launcher is positioned as a mobile combat system capable of simultaneously launching several high-precision missiles.

Its advantage lies in providing a range that exceeds the risk of being hit by enemy fire. HIMARS missiles are loaded onto launchers, each of which carries 6 precision missiles with a range of 70 kilometers.

For its part, the American Wall Street Journal reported that American weapons, known as “HIMARS”, inflicted, one might say, the biggest losses for the Russian army in Ukraine. The report says Ukraine used the US HIMARS missile system to bomb a Russian military concentration base in Donbas, killing dozens of people in what is considered the biggest loss in the Russian army.

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