Several health organizations have warned of a crisis hitting emergency services in the UK, where patients are dying due to lack of access to, or delays in, adequate care.

These organizations called on the government to respond to this growing social discontent.

Britain’s public and free healthcare system, the NHS, has been suffering from austerity for more than a decade, and then from the effects of an epidemic that completely depleted it.

A crisis that regularly makes headlines in the UK resurfaced on Sunday when the organization representing ambulance personnel, the Royal College of Emergency Medicine, estimated that 300 to 500 patients die every week due to lack of care in emergency rooms. especially because of the long queues. .

Hospital officials downplay the numbers, but the vice president of the Royal College of Emergency Medicine defends the estimates: “If you’re on site, you know it’s a long-term problem, not a short-term one.” Ian Higginson told the BBC rejecting the temporary hardship hypothesis.

Source: AFP

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