The Times of Israel reported on Thursday that Tel Aviv suspects a new attempt by Iran to smuggle weapons through Israel. Beirut Airport International, with the help of the Mirage airline, which recently began operating direct flights between Tehran and the Lebanese capital.

She added that a report broadcast by Israeli TV channel 12 indicated that Tel Aviv was investigating Tehran’s attempt to create a corridor for arms smuggling by civilian flights on the company’s planes to Beirut.

It also indicated that thoughts of a possible new smuggling route arose as a result of Israel’s thwarting attempts to transport Iranian weapons through the Syrian capital of Damascus.

He also added that Israel had threatened to strike at the Beirut airport in order to prevent the delivery of weapons, as was the case earlier in Damascus.

November 14

Notably, sources told Al-Arabiya/Al-Hadath earlier Thursday that Iranian Revolutionary Guard-linked Miraj Airlines was flying toBeirut Airport.

It also indicated that the Iranian company’s flights to Lebanon could be delivering secret weapons and equipment to Hezbollah, indicating that using the Beirut airport to transport Iranian weapons to Lebanon would harm the Lebanese economy.

She also added that the first flight of the Iranian company Miraj to Beirut Airport took place on November 14.


She also stressed that Israel is afraid of connecting the Beirut airport to the arms smuggling route from Iran to Lebanon.

At the same time, she added that flights of the Iranian company Miraj land weekly at Damascus International Airport.

Hezbollah leader’s son

Notably, Tel Aviv accused Hezbollah of transporting weapons from Iran to Lebanon on “civilian flights” landing at Damascus International Airport.

Last May, Israeli army spokesman Avichai Adrai said in tweets that the arms transfer route was being run by the son of a Hezbollah leader.

He also made it clear that the leader “took advantage of his high position and the infrastructure of the Lebanese state to help his son transfer strategic weapons from Iran to Hezbollah.”

He also stressed that “to ensure confidentiality, weapons are being transported on civilian flights from Iran to Damascus International Airport, putting civilians in immediate danger.”

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