Like other platforms such as Twitter and Facebook, LinkedIn is plagued by a bunch of fake accounts that try to hack user accounts.

According to a CNBC report, over 21 million fake accounts were detected and removed from the platform in seven months.

And LinkedIn has expanded its ability to detect fake accounts, as well as providing tools to ensure that business accounts do what they claim to do.

Cybersecurity experts note that platform users can take many steps to protect their accounts.

According to the company, 95.3% of these fake accounts were automatically hacked upon registration. During the same period, the number of detected fake accounts increased by 28 percent compared to the previous six-month period last year.

LinkedIn data shows that it currently has over 875 million members.

While the Microsoft-owned professional social platform has rolled out new features in recent months to help users determine if an account requesting contact with them is real or fake, cybersecurity experts say users should take several steps to protect their accounts.

According to a CNBC report, digital expert Mike Clifton explains that fake LinkedIn account holders are trying to boost engagement in posts that lead to suspicious websites.

According to the report, recruiters who rely on LinkedIn to find employees will find the search process annoying due to fake accounts.

LinkedIn is trying to solve the problem of fake accounts, and the site is using digital technology along with a team of experts to remove content that violates policy.

Most of the fake accounts were detected by the site’s software.

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