Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro said that the ousted President of Peru, Pedro Castillo, was “the victim of a conspiracy of right-wing elites” who “prevented him from running the country.”

“All the circumstances that we witnessed were the result of the actions of the oligarchic elites, who cannot allow an ordinary teacher to be the president of Peru and try to run the country in the interests of the people,” Maduro said in his speech on Thursday.

“The far right wants to show all popular progressive movements that they will interfere with their governance,” he added.

And he continued: “The first thing (Castillo) was sworn in was the conspiracy of Parliament to organize a coup against him, and attacks began and mistrust of ministers and heads of government. Blow after blow, they pushed him to urgent business through parliamentary and judicial prosecution without any restrictions.

He expressed the hope that “the Peruvian people, within the framework of the Constitution, will sooner or later find their way to liberation and true democracy.”

It is noteworthy that the Peruvian parliament decided to dismiss President Pedro Castillo, accusing him of attempting a coup, after his announcement of the dissolution of parliament and the introduction of a state of emergency.

Source: TASS

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