The head of the French Energy Regulatory Authority, Emmanuel Vargonne, said that the situation with energy and gas in Europe will be much worse next winter, and supplies will remain limited in the coming years.

Vargonne stated that: “What is now clear about the state of gas supplies to Europe will be more difficult next winter than this winter.”

Vargonne explained that it would be necessary to wait “a few years before returning to normal life, this year France is already in for a busy winter.”

“While France does not consume much gas, unlike Europe, which consumes a lot, we use gas for heating and industry,” Vargonne said, adding that gas supply tensions will continue.

She noted that France will have to deal with limited gas supplies this winter, but must carefully prepare for the 2023-2024 heating season.

And I was talking about power supply voltage points in France.

And the French authorities have previously warned of the possibility of a power outage in the country.

France has been exporting electricity to its neighbors since 1981, thanks in part to its nuclear power plants, which account for over 60 percent of the country’s electricity generation. But since January, it has been importing more electricity than it exports because nearly half of its plants have been shut down – for scheduled maintenance and other technical problems, as well as maintenance delays.

Source: agencies

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