Today, Tuesday, Qatar’s Ministry of the Interior announced that citizens and residents of the Gulf Cooperation Council countries will be allowed to enter the country through its various ports without the need for a Haya card for ticket holders who are not World Cup ticket holders. . today, Tuesday, December 6, 2022

The ministry said in a statement that it is allowing “GCC nationals and residents to enter through air ports without requiring a Haya card starting today and enter through a land port using buses as usual.” with free parking.”

She pointed out that citizens and residents of the Gulf Cooperation Council countries can enter through the land port by private transport from December 8 by applying for an entry permit on the website of the Ministry of Internal Affairs 12 hours before the date of travel, without the condition of paying fees for advance entry permit for vehicles.

Last Saturday, the Saudi Arabian Border Agency urged those wishing to visit and enter the State of Qatar with a Haya card without the need for a match ticket to ensure that the card is activated before traveling.

And Qatar announced that thanks to the application of the new Haya Card feature, fans from all over the world will be allowed to enter the country to enjoy the atmosphere of the World Cup, starting from December 2, without the need to obtain tickets for the matches of the tournament.

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