After Russian President Vladimir Putin promised that the new Admiral Gorshkov frigate would begin its new combat mission, Dmitry Medvedev, deputy chairman of the Russian Security Council, threatened that the frigate carrying Tsirkon hypersonic missiles would be sent to the shores of NATO. as the main New Year’s gift.

Medvedev added that Russia would continue to speak to its enemies in the language of force.

He also said that on Thursday his country’s main New Year’s gift was launched, delivering Zircon missiles to the coasts of NATO countries.

On the shores of NATO .. ​​”Be inspired”

The Russian official explained that the launch vehicle has a range of 1,000 km, at Mach 9 and the ability to carry any warhead while bypassing any missile defense.

According to him, he will stand somewhere 100 miles from the coast, closer to the Potomac River. He added, “Cheer up!”, referring to NATO.

Medvedev believed that this ship would bring to life anyone who tried to pose a danger and a direct threat to Russia and its allies, stating: “There is absolutely no forgiveness and forgiveness for you and your tails that kill our people. We will speak to you in the language of power, for you do not understand any other language than it. And we will produce in greater quantities. “to take revenge on every criminal for the murder of any citizen of our country.”

This came after Putin said on Thursday that the launch of the new Admiral Gorshkov frigate to carry out its combat mission is a very important event, stressing that the strong armament of the frigate will reliably protect Russia from external threats.

Thanking everyone who designed and worked on the creation of this warship, Putin, during the event dedicated to the entry of the frigate into combat service, added that he was confident that this powerful weaponry on the frigate would effectively protect Russia from potential external threats. and help secure the national interests of his country, he said.

9 times the speed of sound

Notably, the Zircon missile has a speed of 9 times the speed of sound, a range of 1000 km, and can be launched from air, land and sea from ships and submarines, and can also be equipped with a variety of warheads, including number and nuclear.

Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu announced the launch of Zircon missiles during maneuvers during the mission of the Admiral Gorshkov frigate in the Atlantic, Indian and Mediterranean oceans.

He indicated that the main efforts of the frigate’s crew will be focused on containing the threats that Russia faces.

He stressed that the Zircon missiles are capable of operating regardless of all modern and promising air defense systems.

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