Amid talks between the West and Turkish officials on measures to address the problem, the shipping agency announced that the number of oil tankers waiting in the Black Sea to cross the Bosphorus towards the Mediterranean increased by 5 tankers to 16 today, Thursday.

In particular, a spokesman for the British Treasury Department said that these negotiations are taking place after the G-7 of the largest industrialized countries and the European Union introduced new restrictions on the export of Russian oil on the fifth of this month.

He added that the G7, the European Union and Australia have agreed to prevent transport service providers such as insurance companies from exporting Russian oil unless they are sold in accordance with their Russian oil price ceiling aimed at to deprive Moscow of oil revenues in wartime.

The agreement also allows the shipment of Russian oil to other countries by tankers from the G7 countries, European Union member states, insurance companies and credit institutions, if the shipment is purchased at a price per barrel at or below the specified ceiling. , which is 60 dollars per barrel.

Separate Turkish action

However, a separate measure implemented by Turkey since the beginning of the month caused waiting tankers to backlog, as it obliges ships to provide evidence of insurance coverage during transit in the Bosphorus Strait when calling at Turkish ports.

In turn, shipping agency Tribeca explained that another 5 tankers over 200 meters long are waiting north of the Bosphorus to move south towards the Mediterranean Sea, in addition to 11 tankers from the previous day. She added that there are no plans to cross the border yet.

It indicated that 9 tankers were waiting to cross the Dardanelles to the south, compared to 12 the day before. Three tankers are due to cross the strait today Thursday, two en route from Tuapse in Russia to Fujairah in the Emirates and one en route from Tuzla in Turkey to Sidi Kerir in Egypt.

Million barrel tankers

It is noteworthy that oil tankers loaded with millions of barrels of oil ply every day from Russian ports through the Bosporus and Dardanelles in Turkey to the south towards the Mediterranean Sea.

What about ground transportation?

In connection with the crisis, Vali Adio, Deputy Secretary of the Treasury, in a telephone conversation yesterday with Turkish Deputy Foreign Minister Sedat Onal, said that the price ceiling applies only to Russian oil and does not necessarily entail additional inspections and inspections of ships passing through Turkish territorial water, according to the US Treasury Department.

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