The representative of the Alliance for Freedom and Change in the Sudan said that the political agreement between the civilians and the military was the product of extensive consultations by the Sudanese people.

Yesterday, Saturday, the Alliance of Forces for Freedom and Change announced the completion of the final draft of the political agreement and its submission to the parties concerned today, Sunday, paving the way for the formation of a civilian government.

“The decision is different from the previous one after holding many seminars and conferences attended by more than 200,000 people,” spokesman Jaafar Hasan said at a press conference after the meeting of the Central Council of Forces for Freedom and Change, adding that his goal is to that the Sudanese see themselves in the new agreement.

He stressed that the Forces Alliance for Freedom and Change is accelerating the pace of the formation of a civilian government through full understanding of the hardships suffered by the Sudanese.

“We expect, by signing the final agreement, the return of Sudan to the fold of the international community … until we solve some (crises), then the new government should solve the problems of the economy, and this is what our people wish, who have long endured in this matter” he added.

Khaled Omar Youssef, spokesman for the political process, announced last week that the civilian and military parties had agreed to sign a final political agreement in the country on April 1 next year, adding that it had also been decided to sign the transitional constitution on the sixth of next month.

“…the country is entering a new phase and is on the cusp of achieving democratic civilian rule, which was achieved through the struggle of the Sudanese people,” said Hassan, a spokesman for the Forces for Freedom and Change coalition, adding that this victory belongs to no one or to a particular party, but to the entire Sudanese people, whether civilians or soldiers.

He explained that a seminar on security and defense reform would be held on Sunday morning with regular agencies and civilians to “reach out to the institutions that serve the coming transition to a civilian state and democracy.”

“It would be in the interests of the people to have a strong unified army, and to carry out reforms in the field of security and the armed forces within this framework,” he said. “The seminar will last until next Wednesday.”

Shihab Ibrahim al-Tayeb, leader of the coalition, stressed that the political process needs to be more open to other groups supporting civil transition.

He told the Arab World News Agency: “Even if the opponents stick to their positions, the political process is coming to an end, and this has become clear since the signing of the framework agreement at the end of last year.”

The forces for freedom and change opposed the signing of the framework agreement by some forces, claiming that they are the political weapons of the army, while the forces supporting the democratic civil transition, including the Communist Party, the Arab Ba’ath Party and the resistance committees, objected to the framework agreement, because that they were not sure of his ability to create a “civil state”.

The military component in Sudan signed a political framework agreement last December 5 with civilian forces led by the Freedom and Change Movement and other political and professional forces to begin a transitional period that will last two years and culminate in elections.

The last phase of the political process in Sudan began in January, and the head of the Transitional Sovereignty Council, Abdel Fattah Al-Burhan, confirmed the then willingness of the military establishment to withdraw from political life and work with political and civilian partners.

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