Official data showed that the consumer price inflation rate in the Sultanate of Oman increased by 1.93% in February 2023, compared to 1.89% in January of the previous year.

According to the monthly consumer price survey released by the National Center for Statistics and Information, prices for the group “Food and non-alcoholic beverages” increased by 5.08%, and for the group “Furniture, appliances, household appliances and regular home maintenance” by 3.83% .

The restaurant and hotel group increased by 3.79%, the culture and entertainment group increased by 2.08%, and the miscellaneous goods and services group increased by 1.61%, according to the Oman News Agency.

Prices for the health group increased by 1.23%, for the clothing and footwear group by 1.02%, for the transport group by 0.77%.

The prices of the education group rose 0.05%, the housing, water, electricity, gas and other fuels groups rose 0.03%, while the communication group showed a decrease of 0.15%, and the tobacco group increased by 0. 02%.

In terms of provinces, Al Buraimi Governorate experienced the highest rate of inflation at 2.93%, followed by Al Dakhira Governorate at 2.21%, followed by Muscat Governorate at 2.12%, followed by Al Dahiliyah Governorate at 2.93%. 2.04%, followed by 2.03% in Dhofar Governorate.

The governorates of Al-Batinah North and the governorates of Al-Sharqiya North and South had the lowest inflation rates of 1.65% and 1.37% respectively.

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