Syrian Civil Aviation Director-General Basem Mansour told Al-Watan today that the Saudi side has approved a request filed by Syria to resume flights between the two countries.

The Director General of Syrian Civil Aviation said that Syrian Airlines and Cham Wings are finalizing procedures to start operations.

Mansour stressed that the Arab Civil Aviation Organization, affiliated with the League of Arab States, informed the Syrian side of the resumption of all its activities and activities, noting that this will encourage Arab countries to activate flights towards Damascus and encourage many airlines to cross Syrian airspace. .

Mansour pointed out that one of the airlines has started to operate civil aviation flights between Damascus and the Greek capital Athens, indicating that this line will later be connected to the cities of Düsseldorf in Germany and Stockholm in Sweden with an initial weekly flight speed, with the possibility of increasing the number of flights in case of an increase demand from travelers.

Mansour noted that the company operates regular flights between Athens and Damascus directly, which will help reduce the costs, burdens and problems of travel for all Europeans, connecting their flights to Damascus and many European countries through Athens.

The newspaper indicated, citing a source, that the Syrian Arab Airways has begun equipping its offices in the Saudi Arabian capital Riyadh. A source in the corporation expected that flights would begin at the end of this month or after Eid al-Adha, after the completion of technical procedures.

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