Israeli media reported that Ukrainian refugees in Israel were subjected to various types of exploitation, including sexual exploitation.

Newspaper came out Israel TimesInvestigation of documented cases of rape, sexual harassment and exploitation of Ukrainian refugee women at their workplaces in Israel.

According to the publication, since the beginning of the Ukrainian crisis, about 47,000 Ukrainians have arrived in Israel, of which only 15,000 remain, and none of them have been granted “refugee” status, but rather “tourist” status, which prevents them from getting a job.

She added that in May 2022, the Israeli authorities allowed Ukrainian refugees to work, and in July they were allowed to work only in a number of cities, and their chances of getting a job in the cities of Tel Aviv and Jerusalem remain very low, and some refugees work on a permanent basis. illegally, which makes them vulnerable to all sorts of violations.

The newspaper indicated, citing the Ukrainian Refugee Center in Tel Aviv, that between March and August 2022, police received 3 reports of rape and investigations were opened into 18 cases of sexual harassment, in addition to 12 additional reports of harassment and harassment.

A Ukrainian refugee also committed suicide due to the economic problems she faced in Israel, and another refugee also attempted suicide, accusing the Israeli authorities of forging documents showing his Jewish roots.

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