The US Senate Foreign Relations Committee sent a letter to Secretary of State Anthony Blinken and Secretary of the Treasury Janet Yellen calling for those who undermine institutions and the rule of law in the United States to be held accountable. Lebanonincluding the imposition of sanctions.

The committee called on the Biden administration to demonstrate strong support for Lebanon’s sovereignty, institutions and rule of law in cooperation with European allies. The committee chairman and member accused Hezbollah and others in the Lebanese political scene of not prioritizing the needs of the Lebanese people. not their narrow interests.
The Committee underscored Lebanon’s need for a strong elected government that is not subject to foreign influence and that puts the needs of its people first.

The US Senate Committee on Foreign Relations called on the US administration to use all means, including the threat of sanctions, to push Lebanese lawmakers to elect a new president and form a government as soon as possible.

And that the parliamentary elections held this summer in Lebanon were clear evidence that the Lebanese electorate wants a government free of Hezbollah and empowered to deal with the huge problems facing the country.

For the tenth time, Lebanese parliamentarians failed on Thursday to elect the president of a country that is facing the worst political and economic crisis in its history, thereby maintaining a presidential vacancy that has existed since the end of Michel Aoun’s presidential term. October 31.

The failure of the Lebanese parliament comes amid deep divisions, reflected in the lack of consensus on the name of President Aoun’s successor, as the president is often elected after mainstream blocs agree on a candidate’s name in a country whose internal politics is based on compromises between various forces.

The Lebanese constitution stipulates that a quorum of 86 deputies must be present to vote for the president, provided that he receives 65 votes to be considered the winner in the first round, and an absolute majority in the second round.

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