Cravings for sweets are often considered a bad habit. But the desire to eat certain foods is often dictated by the body, due to a lack of certain nutrients. What does the body lack when you crave sweets?

Gerontologists Dr. Vladimir Khavinson and Dr. Svetlana Trofimova suggest that a disruption in the gut microbiome may be the cause. Because the desire to eat sweets and pastries can be associated with an imbalance of bacteria in the intestines and indicates that the bacteria in the stomach and intestines are not working at the required level.

According to them: “Rising sugar levels increase the activity of harmful bacteria in the intestines.”

– Fatigue and poor sleep, – two experts note, – “Fast carbohydrates are a source of energy for normal brain function, which improves the emotional background. Emotions are the source of energy for the cells of the cerebral cortex.”

Sleep is an important part of rest, necessary for restoring the body’s strength. Because lack of sleep causes the body to eat sugar to get the “support” it’s looking for. Unfortunately, “recharging” can turn into a bad habit and will not replace the necessary rest.

Doctors advise improving sleep quality by eating tryptophan-containing foods such as turkey, bananas, and nuts.

Doctors note that hunger, depression and smoking negatively affect taste sensations. And if there is a desire to eat sweets, this indicates a lack of chromium, serotonin, magnesium and complex carbohydrates in the body.

Source: Vistas Row.

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