Today, Thursday, 3 Yemeni children were killed and injured when shells exploded from the remnants of a war unleashed by the Iranian-backed Houthi militias, which has been going on for eight years.

The Yemeni Landmine Observatory reported that the child “Saeed Muhammad Abu Asha” was killed when a shell from the remnants of the war exploded while herding livestock (sheep) in the “al-Fara” area of ​​the Rahba district, south of Marib Governorate, north – Eastern Yemen.

According to the human rights activist, “the Rahba region is one of the areas most contaminated by mines and explosives, and the residents of the area are suffering greatly from this serious pollution.”

He explained that the incident took place the day after a civilian was single-handedly injured by a mine explosion while grazing in the Al Matar area of ​​Al Qurayshiya district in Al Bayda governorate, central Yemen.

Two children (Shama Ali Muhammed, 10 years old, and Abdul Hamid Maher Ali, 12 years old) were also individually injured when a shell left from the war exploded in the village of Ash-Shagadir. in the Hajar district of Al Dali province, southern Yemen, according to Yemeni Landmine Monitor.

The Houthi militia, Iran’s arm in Yemen, is the only party on all sides of the war to plant mines and explosive devices of various types and sizes, even internationally banned “personal devices” as Yemen witnessed the largest mine-laying operation since the end of the Second world war, according to human rights reports.

Human rights reports show that Houthi fighters have planted over two million mines, killing and injuring over 20,000 civilians.

A group of eminent international experts from the United Nations stated in a recent report presented to the UN Security Council that “the indiscriminate and systematic use of landmines by the Houthis, especially along the West Coast, poses a constant threat to civilians. “

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