The Yemeni Ministry of Human Rights announced that 139 medical workers have been killed and wounded in Houthi shelling in northeastern Marib province since the start of the war.

The office of the Ministry of Human Rights in Marib said in a report released today, Friday, that “since 2015, 2,668 incidents of violations against the health sector in the province by Houthi militias have been tracked and have ranged from bombing, killing, injuring, arresting , occupation, robbery, prevention, deprivation and threats”.

The report added: “The murder of 53 medical workers, including a doctor, nurse and paramedic, working in these targeted institutions and institutions was documented, and another 86 were injured.”

He stated that “134 medical institutions and institutions were bombed by rockets, ballistic missiles and drones, some of which were hit more than once, resulting in 16 medical institutions and institutions being completely destroyed, and 34 medical institutions and institutions were partially destroyed. .”

The report also documented 18 cases of occupation and control of medical facilities and facilities, 12 cases of looting of medical facilities and facilities, 17 cases of arrests, 102 cases of travel bans, and 145 cases of threats by Houthi militants against medical workers. in the Marib province.

He added that the Houthi militias prevented 5 drug campaigns by the UN and international organizations, including two Red Cross campaigns, and also caused the suspension of the supply of medicines to 125 medical institutions, depriving 1,785 patients from the treatment of chronic diseases.

The report confirms that the actions of the Houthi terrorist militias have resulted in more than 600,000 citizens being deprived of medical services after the destruction of medical institutions and facilities.

The report calls for the prompt investigation of serious violations against medical and medical institutions and institutions and their personnel, coordination with the international community and international organizations and UN organizations to protect hospitals and health centers as they are protected under international humanitarian law, and provide pressure on the Houthi militias to stop firing missiles at medical and medical facilities and use them for military purposes.

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