Russian President Vladimir Putin confirmed that Moscow will respond to the West’s supply of depleted uranium missiles to Ukraine, noting that Russia has many weapons it has not yet used.

Putin said: “I must say that Russia, of course, has something to answer. We have, without exaggeration, hundreds of thousands, hundreds of thousands of these shells. We haven’t used them yet.”

And Putin considered that those who use such weapons would actually act against their own people and pollute the cultivated land.

He pointed out that the depleted uranium munitions that the West will send to Kyiv are not considered weapons of mass destruction, but leave behind radioactive dust and are therefore very dangerous.

Deploy tactical nuclear weapons

This happened against the backdrop of a statement by the Russian president that Moscow and Minsk had agreed to deploy tactical nuclear weapons on the territory of Belarus.

Putin indicated on the air of the Russia-24 channel that the necessary hangars for these aircraft are being built in Belarus and will be ready by July next year.

He stressed that the reason for this step was the UK’s statement about its intention to supply Ukraine with depleted uranium ammunition, noting that Belarus had long asked to place Russian nuclear weapons on its territory.

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