Egyptian Minister of Manpower Hassan Shehata revealed the truth about the circulating news of the liquidation of Egyptian workers in the Persian Gulf, ending their service, especially in the State of Kuwait.

During a meeting with the Facts and Secrets program, Hassan Shehata denied what is being raised about the liquidation of Egyptian workers in the Persian Gulf, about the termination of their service, especially to the State of Kuwait, stating: “All these are the words of citizens”, which indicates that the ministry continues to ratify work contracts for the State of Kuwait.

He added: “I don’t think the Gulf countries can do without Egyptian human elements,” noting that some countries have established controls to regulate labor procedures abroad, such as electronic communications between Egypt, Jordan and Libya.

He pointed out that the Ministry of Manpower has 9 offices of labor representation abroad with the aim of solving the problems of Egyptians abroad, showing that the ministry has developed a “guideline” that will be distributed to labor representation offices to review contracts with labor companies for monitoring the validity of records and concluded contracts in the light of the discovery by some workers abroad of the invalidity of agreed contracts or the lack of commitment on the part of the contractor in exchange for work.

Regarding the termination of factory workers’ contracts after they were liquidated due to the inability to complete them, the Minister for Manpower confirmed that the Ministry had negotiated compensation of at least £250,000 to £500,000 with all factory owners that were liquidated. liquidation, compared to what happened with the steel plant, indicating that the ministry has compensated some workers for opportunities, other similar work at alternative plants, and that the ministry is ensuring that the workers receive full compensation.

Source: Al-Shoruk, Egypt.

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