The world is waiting for the outcome of the final match of the World Cup, which is scheduled to be held in the Qatari capital Doha on Sunday evening, amid expectations of a recovery in the local economy of the country whose team will win the cup. and that its gross domestic product will record better-than-expected growth at a time when the entire world is suffering from economic problems, notably the inflationary crisis and high prices.

However, a report published by the Bloomberg news agency and viewed by Al says that Argentina will reap large economic benefits if it defeats France, which exceed what France could receive if it won the World Cup. .

The agency cited a recent research paper written by Marco Melo, an economist at the University of Surrey in the UK, which says that football world champions often receive an additional 0.25 percentage point of economic growth in the two quarters following a tournament.

Melo said this is mainly due to increased exports because the winner enjoys more international exposure. The study showed a huge jump in Brazil’s overseas sales, for example, after winning the 2002 World Cup.

More than half of the world’s population is thought to be watching the final match scheduled for Sunday in Doha, according to Bloomberg, while Argentina has a better economic reality than France, making it more likely and able to reap the benefits and boost exports if it will win the tournament, which means that its Aggregate economy will recover more than expected if you win the World Cup.

“If there is any country that, like Brazil, will win, it is Argentina, not France,” says Milo, a postdoctoral fellow at the University of Surrey in the UK.

“Perhaps the influence of France will be less visible because they are the current winners, so it becomes less unexpected,” he added.

Another development, according to Melo, is that the different timing of this year’s tournament in Qatar, which takes place in a northern hemisphere winter unlike its predecessors, could change the economic impact of his victory.

Previous research has also shown that success in the world’s biggest sporting event can spur economic growth, and simply reaching the quarter-finals can boost exports and diversify trade, according to a 2014 article, which could be good news for this semi-finalist, Morocco. , a year, and to a lesser extent Croatia, according to what Bloomberg says.

The report says that “the economic backdrop is not comforting for any of the finalists” as France suffers from an energy crisis and a wave of strikes, while Argentina’s inflation rate is close to 100% and it suffers from a drought that threatens to reduce crop exports to next year.

Melo says history shows that pre-existing economic problems can limit any gains from winning the World Cup.

“If there was a country in the last World Cup that didn’t benefit much from winning the World Cup, it was Spain in 2010 when there was a sovereign debt crisis,” he adds. He added: “The cost-of-living crisis and the possible looming recession could mask the ultimate consequences of winning this World Cup.”

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